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Our dried apricots are obtained from apricot trees that grow in the unique nature of the Mediterranean region. These tasty, nutritious and velvety dried apricots can be a perfect energy source for you. Apricots are picked from apricot trees which are native to Malatya, Turkey, and are dried naturally.

Our unsulfured apricots are cultivated on lands which are located far from city centers without the use of chemical fertilizers. They are cored and dried naturally under the sun until their color changes. We offer unsulfured apricots that are organic.

Our top quality organic dried apricots are cultivated in Turkey and packaged in our factory before being supplied to our customers. FoodExport Group supplies organic dried apricots from the Turkish countryside to you.


Whole Dried, Unsulphured, Size 1 - 8

Diced, Unsulphured, Size 5x5 - 7x7 - 10x10


Turkey, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan




Cello Bags / Doypack / Cartons

A Closer Look at Dried Apricot Varieties
There are four different ways in which fresh apricots can be dried. A major factor differentiating the drying methods lies in the use of sulfur dioxide, a colorless gas that is heavier than air.
Though toxic by inhalation, sulfur dioxide has come to be used in the past decades for the treatment of apricots because it allows them to retain a yellow-orange color, makes them less prone to infestation by insects or to fermentation, and thus prolongs their shelf life when they need to be stored for extended periods of time.

Fresh apricots are harvested beginning in June. Unsulfured apricots that are also organic are grown without the use of any pesticides or fertilizers.


After being harvested, they are laid on cloth to dry under the sun for about 4 days, after which time they are pitted by hand, then left to dry under the sun for an additional 4 days.


Natural unsulfured apricots are dried in the same manner. Both types of apricots naturally acquire a brownish-black color as they lay under the sun’s rays..


Sulfured apricots are fresh apricots that are treated with sulfur dioxide while drying. Sulfured apricots also fall into two categories, namely apricots that undergo a high sulfur dioxide treatment and those that undergo a low sulfur dioxide treatment. In both cases, apricots are laid in tents in which sulfur dioxide is released and coats the apricots. 


Under a high sulfur dioxide treatment, the level of sulfur dioxide released in a tent can reach up to 5000 or 6000 parts per million, or ppm.

LOW SULFURED DRIED APRICOTS (EU Regulations - 2.000 ppm)

Under a low sulfur dioxide treatment, sulfur dioxide is either released in a tent at a level of less than 2000 ppm, or is subsequently removed by washing with water or hydrogen peroxide.


Given that sulfur dioxide allows dried apricots to have a yellow-orange color that can be more attractive to consumers, and given its ability to provide an extended shelf life of up to 2 years by preventing contamination by insects or mold, it is used by a vast majority of apricot farmers to treat their crop.

Sulfured (Outside EU)
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Organic Apricots
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Natural Conventional Apricots
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Dried Apricots Washing Process

Washing is an important step in the production of dried apricots. In the case of organic or natural unsulfured apricots, it takes place after apricots have been dried under the sun. They are washed with water in order to remove particles of dirt or hay that may have adhered to them during the drying process.
Sulfured apricots can also be washed with water, however 4 to 5 cycles of washing are then needed to bring the sulfur dioxide down to accepted levels. For this reason, sulfured apricots are frequently washed with hydrogen peroxide which can remove sulfur dioxide more efficiently.
The timing of dried apricot washing is critical as it is intricately linked to considerations such as moisture level and fermentation risk. Before dried apricots are washed, it is imperative that damaged fruits be removed. Damaged apricots that are washed are easy prey for fermentation and yeast, which can subsequently spread to the undamaged fruits.
The level of moisture in dried apricots after washing is carefully monitored as it directly impacts the risk of fermentation. Sulfured apricots may have a moisture level of up to 24% after washing, while unsulfured apricots cannot exceed a moisture level of 20%. Dried apricots meant for exportation must be exported immediately after being washed in order to make the most of their shelf life.
The washing and calibration stages in dried apricot production occur simultaneously. Below is a chart of the available dried apricot sizes.


Dried Apricots No:1

81 -100 Pieces per kilogram


Dried Apricots No:3

121 -140 Pieces per kilogram


Dried Apricots No:5

161 -180 Pieces per kilogram


Dried Apricots No:7

201 -220 Pieces per kilogram


Dried Apricots No:2

101 -120 Pieces per kilogram



Dried Apricots No:4

141 -160 Pieces per kilogram


Dried Apricots No:6

181 -200 Pieces per kilogram


Dried Apricots No:8

221+ Pieces per kilogram

Dried Apricots in foam trays

200 - 1.000 grams Retail type packaging / 24 - 48 trays in outer cartons

Dried Apricots in pvc trays 

200 - 1.000 grams Retail type packaging / 24 - 48 trays in outer cartons

Dried Apricots in carton trays (Cartonettes)

200 - 1.000 grams Retail type packaging / 24 - 48 trays in outer cartons

Dried Apricots in wooden trays

200 - 1.000 grams Retail type packaging / 24 - 48 trays in outer cartons

Dried Apricots in Doypacks

200 - 1.150 grams Retail type packaging / 24 - 48 packs in outer cartons

Dried Apricots in telescobic cartons

5.000 grams Retail type packaging / 4 units in outer cartons

Dried Apricots in 6 kg cartons

6.000 grams Wholesale type packaging 

Dried Apricots in 10 kg cartons

10.000 grams Wholesale type packaging 

Dried Apricots in 12.5 kg cartons

12.5 kg / 27.5 lbs Wholesale type packaging 

Dried Apricots in 12.5 kg telescobic cartons

12.5 kg / 27.5 lbs Wholesale type packaging easy open


Nutrition Facts   

Serving Size 100g  (~3.5 oz)

48 Calories

Shipped From: Turkey

Minimum Order : 1.000 Kgs

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Cholesterol 0g       0%

Total Fag 0g           1%

Saturated Fat 0g   0%

Total Carbohydrate 11g    4%

dried apricots, organic dried apricots, unsulphured apricots, turkish apricots, sun dried apricots

Dietary Fiber 2g                 8%

Sugars 9g                              

Protein            1g

Vitamin A     39%

Vitamin C     17%