The Quality of Dried Figs

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Our Turkish dried figs are grown and processed using organic methods. The unique climate of western Anatolia gives organic Turkish figs a unique taste and texture that must be experienced.

Best Dried Figs

The figs we provide are grown on mountain slopes rather than in valleys. This is important because valley figs are more prone to being infested by worms or fungi and are also more likely to have a sour taste. Our mountain figs are clean and sweet.

In-worm Level of Dried Figs

Infestation by worms is a particularly difficult challenge for organic fig farmers because, once insects find their way inside the figs, their presence can only be detected by opening the fruit. For this reason, before the figs ripen, insect traps are hung from the tree branches to lure the insects away from the fruit.

Washing Process of Dried Figs

Our figs are washed in a brine consisting of water and 10% salt. The washing process initiates the shelf life of figs. When it is completed, care is taken to ensure that the dried figs’ moisture level does not exceed 24%
A number of producers unfortunately also wash figs with hydrogen peroxide despite this practice being forbidden. Hydrogen peroxide is a bitter-tasting colorless liquid at room temperature which has bleaching properties.
When used to wash figs, it causes their color to lighten. The higher the concentration of hydrogen peroxide used to wash the figs, the lighter their color becomes. No test can assess whether or not hydrogen peroxide was used. As such, consumers would be well-advised to choose figs that have a natural, brownish color rather than a pale white color. 
Avaliable as

Whole Dried: Size 1 - 8

Lerida, Pulled, Protoben, Garland, Layer, Bağlama

Diced: 5x5 - 8x8 - 10x10




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Cello Bags / Doypack / Cartons

Dried Figs Nutrition Facts   

Serving Size 1ounce 28g  (~1 oz)

20.7 Calories


Sodium 0.2mg       0%

Cholesterol 0g       0%

Shipped From: Turkey

Minimum Order : 1.000 Kgs

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Dried Figs Nutrition Facts

Total Fag 0g           0%

Saturated Fat 0g   0%

Total Carbohydrate 18g    6%

Dietary Fiber 1.6g              6%

Sugars 16g                              

Protein         0.4g

Vitamin A     35%

Vitamin C       0%

Calcium          2%

Iron                 1%