Organic means working with nature, not against it. It means more environmentally sustainable management of the land and natural environment, no chemical and artificial fertilisers and pesticides.
Organic Agriculture is an agricultural system which provides to produce healthy products by using natural resources in the best possible way and restricts some implementations such as agricultural pesticides, fertilizers, hormons, antibiotics and harmful additives.

Organic Agriculture is an all phase controlled, certified, registired mode of production which adopts non-destructive methods for the health of human and environment. It means, protection of ecological balance and production of any kind of crop, animal product and aquacultural resources according to organic agriculture methods.Then it aims, the processing, labelling, packaging, stocking,  shipping, marketing, controlling and certificating of these products. We, aim economic and social sustainability, ground on the land productivity, protection of environment and food security.


FoodExport Group supplies 'Organic' Products. 
There are several stages for a product to reach required organic product standarts.

We can sort these stages as the following;

1. Master Certificate Control of the Supplier
2. Confirmation of Organic Certification Body
3. Pesticide Control of the Product
4. Obtain the Transaction Certificate