Organic Pekmez – Mulberry Molasses and Grape Molasses

1. Organic Mulberry Molasses

Organic Mulberry Molasses (Pekmez) is produced from fresh organic mulberries. Our mulberry molasses is no sugar added, it is naturally sweet because of its own fruit sugar content.

2. Organic Grape Molasses

Organic Grape Molasses (Pekmez) is produced from fresh organic grapes after the processes which are protect its natural form. Grape molasses is a natural sugar and therefore it is a natural energy source.

Health Benefits of Molasses

Treats constipation

Relieves menstrual crapms

Maintains bone and teeth health

Beneficial in tratment of cancer

Improves sexual health

Promotes healthy hair growth

Promotes blood level

Where to buy Organic Grape Molasses and Organic Mulberry Molasses?

Here, Food Export Group is the supplier of organic grape and organic mulberry molasses in bulk basis. If you are looking for organic mulberry molasses, Food Export Group is the wholesaler of these health and energy sources.

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