Organic Sesame Tahini

Usage of Organic Sesame Tahini

Tahini is used in Hummus commonly. But there are a lot of ways beyond hummus to use this naturally nutty flavored paste in the delicious dishes. You can add organic sesame tahini in your cookie dough, instead of peanut butter. Worth to try. You can add organic sesame tahini sauce on your baked veg dishes to enhance nutty flavor. If you do not like too sweet desserts, you need to try 1 spoon of tahini on it with hazelnuts or walnuts. If you mix one cup of yogurt with half cup of tahini, you will make a delicious sauce for your fried vegs or chickens. You also need to try tahini with noodles with a few roasted sesame seeds.

Organic Sesame Tahini Nutrition Facts

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