Organic Brown Rice and Health Benefits

Organic Brown Rice, Organic Basmati Rice and Organic Jasmine Rice types are available here; Food Export Group.

Brown rice is essentially what almost all forms of white rice looks like before it has been put through a refining process. To process rice into the sparkling white pieces we buy in stores, first the out-side hull and bran is removed. This makes rice lighter and faster to cook.

Here is the processes of rice.

Raw Rice in Inedible Hull Dehulled Whole Brown Rice Removed From Bran and Germ

Health Benefits of Organic Brown Rice

1. Brown Rice is Rich in Selenium

2. Brown Rice is Very High in Manganese

3. Brown Rice Holds Naturally Occurring Oils

4. Brown Rice Promotes Weight Loss

5. Brown Rice is a Whole Grain

6. Brown Rice is an Antioxidant

7. Brown Rice is Very High in Fiber

8. Brown Rice is a Slow-Release Sugar

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