Health Benefits of Barley

There are so many rampant ailments in recent years, which proves even more that our regular diets lack important nutrients. One of the most important nutrients that we often tend to neglect is fiber. Barley is an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fiber, which assures you good overall health over the long term.

Keeps Colon and Intestine Healthy
  1. Prevents Gallstones

  2. Prevents Osteoporosis

  3. Supports Immune System

  4. Preserves Skin Elasticity

  5. Controls Blood Cholesterol Levels

  6. Manages Diabetes

  7. Prevents Heart Disease & Cancer

  8. Prevents Asthma

Where to buy Barley Seeds?

Available as: Whole Grain, Barley Malt, Barley Flakes, Barley Flour

Food Export Group (wholesale of barley seeds)

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