Organic Golden Sesame Seeds

Health Benefits of Golden Sesame Seeds

Helps to prevent diabets

Improves bone health

Reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases

Protecting DNA from radiation

Boosts Oral Health

Reduces risk of cancer

Nutrition Facts of Organic Golden Sesame Seeds


Where to buy Organic Golden Sesame Seeds?

If you are looking to buy Organic Golden Sesame Seeds, you need to reach the source of these seeds. Food Export Group is located in Aegean Free Zone Izmir, Turkey.

How can I know whether Sesame Seeds are Organic?

You need to find a reliable supplier which certified Organic within the framework of the NOP or EU 837 Standarts. Food Export Group do supply the products which are certified organic.

How can I place a wholesale order for Organic Sesame Seeds?

You can reach us easily via our website for your wholesale orders.

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