Marjoram or is it Oregano ?

Let’s over this confusion by examining differences between marjoram and oregano.

Before we wrote this post, we realized there is a distinct confusion about oregano and marjoram.

All marjorams are oreganos, since the genus name for both is origanum, but not all oreganos are marjorams.

  • Oregano = zesty + peppery + lemony

  • Marjoram = delicate + floral + round.

The Latin name for marjoram is Origanum majorana (often called sweet marjoram), the Latin name for oregano is Origanum vulgare (often called wild marjoram).

Oregano is the strongest tasting of the two with a definite spicy taste. Individual flavours and aromas of oregano include cloves, peppermint and pine. The flowers have a very similar taste and are totally edible.

Oregano is typically used to flavour food which already has strong flavours. Pizza, pasta and tomato sauces are probably the most famous recipes in which oregano plays an important role but it is widely used in many other Italian, Greek and Mexican dishes including chillies. A teaspoon of dried oregano has only six calories in it and 0.2 grams of fat.

Marjoram (sweet marjoram is best for cooking purposes) is a much more soften tasting herb with a sweeter tasting pine flavour and to a lesser degree citrus and clove flavours. Many cooks prefer marjoram over oregano because it provides a background flavours rather than dominant ones. If you analyse the contents of dried oregano which you buy in the supermarkets it will contain not only oregano but also some marjoram. Taste is a personal matter but often a mixture of both herbs is the ideal flavouring for many recipes.

Common Point of Organic Oregano and Organic Marjoram

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