Organic Incan Berries or Golden Berries

The mainland of the golden berries (trading name is Incan Berries) is South America.

Actually they are not really berry. Their roots are tomatoes. You can already see that, they seem like little, yellow tomatoes. But they have a sour&sweet taste. Below you can see their fresh form. Doesn’t it look like tomatoes?

10 Healing Effects of Golden Berries

Antioxidant effects

Cancer protective effects

Counters bacteria

Kidney protective effects

Liver protective effects

Lowers fever

Lowers blood sugar

Modulates immune function

Reduces inflammation

Weight loss benefits

The fruit is round with a smooth variation of color between yellow and orange and the taste can be described as that of a sweet tomato with a hint of pineapple.

Where to Buy Organic Incan Berries?

Food Export Group is the supplier of organic incan berries from Ecuador. If you like to buy you can get in contact easily.

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