Turkish Dried Figs, Unique Taste and Flavour

Reasons to Eat Dried Figs Every Day

Turkish Dried Figs are the traditional food of the Lycian Civilisation. For 4000 years it has given nutrition and health to Aegean side of Anatolia.

There are several reasons to eat them everyday but you don’t need these reasons because of its sweet, crunchy, soft, creamy texture and great taste.

Helps to Weight Loss

If you are trying to be in your healthy weight, you need to lose your weights with the help of healthy foods. We do not say that if you eat dried figs every day, you will be size zero. Thankfully, now everybody knows size zero is an unhealthy size for normal humanbeing. Anyway, if you prefer organic dried figs instead of the unhealthy chocolates, it works.

Digestive System Improver

Dried figs are rich in dietary fiber. 3 pieces of dried figs contain 5 grams of fibre, which accounts for about 20% of our daily requirement.

Antioxidants and Vitamins

Dried figs have superior quality of antioxidants, called phenols, compared to other fruits that attribute their antioxidant property to Vitamin C and E.

Good Fighter Against Diabet

They are good for diabet disease because of the fibers inside but also dried figs contain high sugar level. Therefore you need to consult your doctor about the quantity for consumption.

Bones Health

One dried fig meets 3% calcium of your daily calcium requirement. So you need to eat 33 dried figs to meet them all, it is inadvisable, just kidding. You can also drink milk or eat green vegs as well as dried figs.

Where to Buy Organic Turkish Figs?

Guess what, where to buy them? You need to find reliable supplier in Turkey in order to buy high quality Organic Turkish Dried Figs.

Food Export Group has own organic dried figs project in Turkey. If you are interested in wholesale organic dried figs, you can get in contact easily.

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