Macadamia Nuts; buttery, flavorful, crispy nuts from Hawaii

Macadamia Nuts and Facts

When you think of organic macadamia nuts, Hawaii should come to mind. However their native land is Australia. Macadamia Nuts were brought to Hawaii in 1882 where the Macadamia trees thrived in the volcanic soil.

Macadamia trees are living nearly 150 years. First 7-8 years, you need to wait for the fruits forebearingly. But trust us, these nuts are worth to wait.

The macadamia nuts are really high in calorie. A handful macadamia nuts contain 720 calories. So we would like to say, be careful in order to protect your weight but once you start to eat them, you cannot stop yourself, sorry about it.

The fat content a macadamia nut kernel can be as high as 80%. Macadamia oil extracted from macadamia kernels is edible and also used in cosmetic. We will check macadamia oil in an another post later.

Attention please! Among the seven species of macadamia trees, only two ones are edible nuts. The others types of nuts are poisonous because they contain high levels of toxins called cyanogenic glycosides, which can cause cyanide poisoning when ingested.

Therefore, collecting fruits from any macadamia tree would not be a good idea. Maybe you should leave the matter to us. We can deliver to you these delicious, crispy, organic macadamia nuts as Food Export Group.

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