Organic Raw Hazelnuts, Why They Are Good For You?

Nuts are generally irresistable foods’ fact is acceptable by everybody as we all know.

In this post we will also check the health benefits of raw organic hazelnuts.

Turkey is the biggest producer of hazelnuts according to the statistics. According to the World Nut and Dried Fruit congress here the estimated world hazelnut production chart.

If you like to buy Organic Raw Turkish Hazelnuts;

Food Export Group will be happy to supply high quality, organic certified hazelnuts.

Source: World Nut and Dried Fruit Congress, 2016

Why the raw organic hazelnuts are good for you?

1. Hazelnuts promote heart health

Hazelnuts are seriously rich in unsaturated fats, the kind that are actually good for the heart. Much of this fat is oleic acid, shown to lower LDL “bad” cholesterol and raise the “good”

HDL kind.

2. Hazelnuts are brain booster

Hazelnuts are full of vitamin E, manganese, thiamine, folate, and fatty acids. These vitamins and minerals are simply brain booster mixture. Everyday 1 handful hazelnuts are positively efficient for brain works, especially for children and aged people.


3. Hazelnuts may reduce cancer risk

Studies have found that the alphatocopherol type of Vitamin E which exist high in hazelnuts are good fighter against cancer risks.

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