Dried Apricots but Organic, Unsulphured, Turkish, Sun Dried Apricots

Organic, Unsulphured, Turkish, Sun Dried Apricots. Nothing beats like that…

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  1. Dried Apricots and Useful Informations

  2. Dried Apricots Health Benefits

  3. Where should buy ?

Dried Apricots

We talked about Apricot Kernels at previous post. So, let’s examine where the main source of these organic apricot kernels.

Apricots besides consumed as fresh, also frequently consumed as jam, composte or dried. Organic dried apricots are dried under the sun and acquire dark brown color. These sun dried apricots are tastier and zestier than sulphured dried apricots.

Process steps of making sun dried apricots are not so hard. Apricots are washed and then put under the sun as whole fruits. After a few days, apricots separated from the seeds. Then apricots left under the sun again, until they dried thoroughly. Dried apricots has a dark brown color with this processes. The taste and color of sun dried apricots is different than the sulphured dried apricots.

Dried apricots can be preserve in cloth bags or topped bowls during 24 months.

Dried Apricots Healthy Benefits
There are numerous dried apricots health benefits but we will check the top 3 in order not to bother you with a post which is larger than life.
1. Good fighter against Anaemia

Dried Apricots contain Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Vitamin A, Iron, and Vitamin C. And Iron minerals may provide to produce haemoglobin. I mean Organic, Unsulphured, Turkish, Sun Dried Apricots. Sulphured Apricots also contain Iron consequently it’s up to you.

But first, let me show our organic page than make up your mind.

2. Digestion
Dried Apricots are the first thing that comes to mind, while suffering from digestion problems, is it right ? If you reject to use medical products, dried apricots should be the best remedy. They stimulate digestion. Apricot contains the alkali that neutralizes acids.
3. Skin, Hair and Nail Care

Organic Apricot Kernel Oil, and even organic dried apricot itself, are used for care cures in order to have healthy skin, hair and nails.

Where Should Buy Dried Apricots ?

In order to reach quality and cheap dried apricots you should reach the source.

Turkey is the world leader in production of apricots as the mainland of them. Also you can prefer to buy them from Armenia and China.

Food Export Group is one of the supplier of Organic, Unsulphured, Turkish, Sun Dried Apricots; which located in Turkey.

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