Apricot Kernels and Amazing Benefits

Here you will find in our post Apricot Kernels and Amazing Benefits. Let’s check our tips as Food Export Group and explore where to buy organic apricot kernels.

1. Apricot Seeds and Cancer

When you say raw apricot seeds, you need to think about prevention of cancer. Is this myth or fact? According to science authorities, Vitamin B17 is positively effective on some cancer types which is found in raw apricot kernels. Vitamin B17 also known as amygdalin or laetrile, untruly. Amygdalin and laetrile are semisynthetic matters. Vitamin B17 naturally exist in raw apricot kernels.

2. High Blood Pressure

Let’s mention Vitamin B17 again. This mysterious Vitamin also providing balance to blood pressure and trying to keep it on normal levels. You can benefit from apricot kernels or apricot seed oil to balance your body.

3. Upper Respiratory Infections

I mean flu. When you need to some natural supports to immunisation, apricot kernels will be great helper.

4. Skin, Hair and Nail Care

Apricot kernels are effective for body care. Especially, organic bitter apricot kernels oil perfectly suit your hair, skin and nail care all in one. You can also consume organic bitter apricot kernels to support your healthy skin and hair. Organic apricot kernel oil has light yellow color.

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