Organic Almonds FAQ’s

Organic Nutrition seems always expensive and hard to find. Let’s check is it worth it?

1. Do Almonds Need to Be Organic ?

If you buy almonds from supermarket, probably you couldn’t reach to organic ones. You should try to reach growers or suppliers in Turkey, Italy, Greece and USA which are the mainlands of the almonds. Almonds may easily absorb pesticides because of their high oil level. So, you can find the answer, do almonds need to be organic, or not?

2. Are Unpasteurized Almonds Safe ?

Pasteurization not only kills the micro-organisms in the nut, but also the nut itself. The FDA is considering changing the definition of the word “pasteurization” to mean anything that destroys the life in a food. Therefore you should to find reliable, reputable raw almond suppliers or growers, which do not use pasteurization methods to be sure that are unpasteurized almonds safe.

3. What Are the Organic Almonds’ Benefits ?

Let’s check our previous post for organic almonds’ benefits. There are numerous health benefits of them but we chosed top 5 for you.

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