IQF Fruit vs Bulk Frozen Fruit

The definition of IQF Fruit means individual quick frozen fruits. Opposite to Bulk Frozen fruit suppliers, IQF Fruit suppliers they use this method with a special technology which freezes the fruit or vegetable particles one by one in a freezing chamber with – 80 C temperature and vegetables washed and cleaned before freezing. The block frozen berries that sticks each other is a failure for IQF Fruits and vegetables.

Every manufacturer and supplier of IQF Fruit and vegetables needs to apply at least one of the food sorting system of color sorter, X-ray sorter or laser sorter in order to catch the defects on the IQF products. Even organic or conventional IQF Fruit or vegetables for wholesale needs to be controlled for foreign materials with these technologies because iqf products cannot re-controlled before it is used especially by Yoghurt and Smoothie manufacturers and the other manufacturers.

FoodExport Group only works with the right machinery and the systems on organic and conventional IQF frozen fruits and vegetables.

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