Almonds and 5 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits

1. Almonds May Lower Cholesterol Levels

LDL Lipoprotein known as bad cholesterol is a risk factor of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease.

Some studies showed that which foods are effective for LDL levels lowering. One of the most effective food is almond while balancing HDL levels (good cholesterol)

2. Almonds Are Seriously Good For Weight Loss

Did you realize that, when you eat nuts as snack you don’t mind your hunger so much?

Nuts, especially almonds reduce hunger and the daily calorie lowered by the tasty way. You don’t need to calorie rich foods to feel fullness. Therefore you can get on the scales with inner peace.

3. Almonds Are Rich in Antioxidants

Antioxidants may prevent same diseases like cancer and you can find antioxidants from the brown layer of the almonds. Almonds and their brown layers may reduce the oxidative stress levels.

4. Almonds Are Rich in Vitamin E

Do you know which Vitamin is the best fighter against Alzheimer and Heart Diseases? That’s it, Vitamin E.

1 handful almonds consumption is sufficient to meet 37% of daily Vitamin E need. However 1 handful of almonds is not enough to become satisfied from almonds.

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