Dried Sour Cherries as New Product

Sour Cherries also known as tart cherries and they are one of the species of Prunus as Prunus Cerasus or red fruit (sour cherry, tart cherry) and native to much of Soutwest Asia and Europe. It is closely related to the sweet cherry (Prunus Avium), but has a fruit that is more acidic, has greater nutritional benefits and may have greater health effects.

Unlike most sweet cherry varieties, sour cherries are self-pollinizing and containing higher content per 100 g of vitamin C (12% DV) and vitamin A (8% DV).

*Sun Dried Sour Cherries are pitted and unsweetened. Just ready to eat. Dried under the sun. There is also sugar infused tart cherries among our selection. Due to their sour nature, these tart cherries are lightly sweetened. They are great option for your sweet craving rather than chocolate. If you are looking for something new for your deserts, Berry Love dried tart cherrieswill be perfect for your great recipes.

FoodExport Group is the supplier, wholesaler and importer of Organic and Conventional Pitted Dried Sour Cherries.

Sour cherries have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Delicious snack and great for your pastries.

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