Hazelnuts Market Update, October 2017

The market for Turkish Hazelnut Kernels is stable. Fortunately weather has improved and hopefully supply will start again in good quantities soon. Still the role ann influence of government to be seen. Some growers prefer to sell immediately and get the cash instead of wait for a long time to get their money.

Export figures of Turkish Hazelnuts between 01/09/2016-30/09/2017, 187.458.888 $ in return of 28.111,3 tons hazelnuts. This season an increase is estimated on export.

The markets in Georgia and Azerbeijan started as well but is different than Turkey as usually their yields are lower and therefore processing slower. Prices are available on request in our website.

Please request o quote for Hazelnuts prices, inshell, kernels and all sizes as 11-13, 13-15, 15+.

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