Dried Figs Prices While 2018 is Turning Up

The fact that the prices of the dried figs are very high during the year of 2017 that make sad the producers who sell their figs early-bird. Generally the figs which are grown in high altitudes mature lately, bring in more money to the producers.

Some opinions are being raised about the reasons for the high prices of the markets; * Fruits remain small due to climate conditions;

* For this reason, the prices of figs which are preferred on the foreign market have increased; there are few figs in A quality to be processed for export, this has exacerbated the market;

* The exporter has bought figs at high prices in order to avoid sending the first ship empty, due to the difficulty in finding large figs which are sold at the highest value in exportation,

* Some exporters argue that the price increase is due to the late start of the season because of the religion holidays at the start of the season.

When comparing the export figures of 2016 and 2017, 20 893 tons of dried figs were exported and a return of 82 651 million dollars was provided between 29.09.2016-11.11.2016 according to the data of Aegean Dry Fruit Exporters Association. In the same period of 2017, 18 276 tons of dried figs were exported to 86 million Export income of 988 thousand dollars was provided.

The figures show us that exports have dropped by 13 percent while the amount of exports has increased by 5 percent.

Export figures in regard to continents and regions of the world, as following. Exportation of the dried figs has dropped by 19% to European countries, by 30% to Middle Eastern countries, by 18% to African countries, no change on Turkic Republics, 12% increase has recorded to Asian countries.

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