5th Expo Prune Conference in Chile

The Chile’s Expo Prune Conference will take place on November 8 at the Monticello Convention Centre in San Francisco de Mostazal, 64km from Santiago.

Chile is the world's leading exporter of prunes. Exports in 2017 are expected to reach US $220 million, which would imply a 39% increase compared to the US $158 million recorded in the previous period. In 2016, Chile exported its prunes to 77 destination countries. The main destinations were the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and a number of European countries.

"This year, the focus of the Expo will be on the 360º quality challenge, its challenges and implications, as seen by each of the parties involved in the value chain, producers, processors, and importers. We will also discuss commercial aspects, the sales experience at the destination markets, and this season's lessons," stated the executive director of ChilePrunes, Andres Rodríguez.

This event will include important international exhibitors, such as Pedro Torrijos, the director for Latin America of Importaco, who stated that quality was the only way to leadership, and Bill Krueger, a plum production specialist at UC Davis, who will speak about California's successful experience. There will also be roundtable where the sector will conduct a 360º quality analysis from a commercial, production, process, and market perspective.

Chile Prunes invites producers, advisers, managers, exporters, and the entire value chain of this industry to participate in this meeting to listen to and discuss with the main decision makers of the global and Chilean prune industry.

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