Almonds are very popular and healthy snack all around the world although the major production region is the USA. Besides the USA, almonds grown in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries as well.

Let’s check the latest update on Californian Almonds together.

Almond harvest has completed on August/September. The almond market is becoming more stable nowadays, on November. A large share of the unprocessed product is affected by insect damage and includes a relatively high percentage of doubles. Although this news doesn’t seem to be favourable for handlers on first sight, is the current situation quoted as being comfortable for Californian handlers. Since their factories are running in full swing for the nearby commitments are they confident enough to watch the market rise at the moment. Prices are expected to remain firm, a price decrease is not likely to be seen under these conditions, especially on the Nonpareil and Carmel varieties whom seem to be under pressure the most.

FoodExport Group is one of the supplier of the Turkish, California and Spain origin almonds, door delivered, even 1 pallet. You can contact us in order to get the latest almond prices and order.

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