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FoodExport Group is serving as lemon peels supplier in the sector. Since the very first day of the establishment, we have been a regular and constantly lemon peel exporter with the aim of offering the highest quality and unrivaled flavors to our customers, and therefore carefully calculating the finest details.

Thanks to our experience, our customers can achieve unprecedented tastes at the same high quality in every order. Factors affecting quality of lemon peels; we are very sensitive and precise at the point of choosing the fruit peels we use in our products because of its size, shape, humidity and raw resistance.

We have a lot of expertise in offering high-quality Lemon Peel in Europe, US, Russia, and many other countries.

These lemon peels are extensively used to make cosmetics, extracting oil, and making powder. The Lemon Peel is also used as a flavoring agent and thus is demanded extensively.

As one of the leading suppliers of lemon peels, we are pleased to offer you our esteemed clients.

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