Germany Turkish hazelnut exporters' favorite, notable rise in sales to China this season.

Turkish exporters earned some $1.6 billion in turn for 269,399 tons of hazelnuts they exported to 115 countries this season. Holding a major part of the world hazelnut production and market, Turkey generated some $1.6 billion from hazelnut exports during this export season. Germany was the top market for Turkish hazelnuts while a notable increase in sales in the Chinese market stood out as the year's most important development. Germany became the leading market for hazelnut exports for nine years straight, with 67,318 tons in exports and $370.6 million in revenue. It was followed by Italy, with 55,655 tons of hazelnut worth $335 million, and France with 19,344 tons valued at $115.9 million. Turkey exported the least amount of hazelnuts to Angola last season. Exports to the country remained at only 18 kilograms generating $166. Angola was followed by Rwanda with 19 kilograms and Ghana with 20 kilograms. As in previous seasons, exporters mainly sold hazelnuts to European countries in the 2018-2019 period, while exports to the People's Republic of China showed a notable increase, with 8,073 tons.

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