We aimed, as IFEX Group; to supply right product, at right time and in the right place and possibly at the lowest cost to our customers through our Supply Chain Management perception. Supply Chain Management requires that all functions of the chain should be integrated.

FoodExport Group carry out these functions through eight aims;

Purchase Management
  Documentary Control
  Factory Audits
Product Development
Inquiry Management
Quality Testing
Warehouse Management


sultana raisins, sun dried apricots, apricot kernels, dried figs, tahini, hazelnuts, golden sesame seeds

Consequently, customer satisfaction increased by the help of these functions and production continuity provided. We offer our each product from the best producing countries of them and the best factories all around the world. We do audit the companies to test their production facilities and to check their certificates especially in Turkey, Iran, Uzbekistan, Far East, USA, South America, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Eastern Europe; after that we decide to supply these products to our customers. The relevant origins of each product you can find on our product pages